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Meredith May

Program Coordinator of Mid-Atlantic American Heart Association

"Keia has been a wonderful and dedicated volunteer. Her work with the Greater Washington Region American Heart Association has helped to advance crucial initiatives to increase the level of health and awareness in the communities. We cannot thank her enough for all of her support."

Raymar Hampshire

Co-Founder, SponsorChange.Org

"It is my pleasure to provide a personal statement for Keia Brown. Ms. Brown first reached out to me during the Fall of 2014.   I was immediately impressed with her ability to effectively communicate her interest in partnering with SponsorChange to offer her expertise on student aid and digital marketing. 


Beginning in January 2015, Keia formally joined the SponsorChange team as the Social Media Director.  She has had an immediate impact, including daily management of social media channels, designing an alternate logo that compliments SponsorChange's brandscape, and designing company t-shirts.  In addition. She manages a team a fellows who are developing digital marketing and event planning strategies and tactics.  Since Keia has joined our social media followers has significantly grown.


Also, she has kicked off a series of fundraising efforts and has personally raised funds to pay down student debt for volunteers at SponsorChange.


Keia, has been a trusted advisor and I am grateful that she has joined the our team."- Raymar Hampshire (@Philanthroteer)

Chanel Evans

Founder, A Bigger Picture, Inc.

"It was such a pleasure to work with Keia and have her come and speak with our group of over 100 young girls. Her energy, professionalism and passion for empowering girls is unmatched and truly admired. Thank you for all you do in the community and for your support! You're truly a gem and I'm grateful we crossed paths to work together. " 

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