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"Financial Smarts for Students" was designed to educate students in grades 6 and up

to prepare for college using helpful financial resources.  


The Program includes:


  • Offering FREE financial literacy workshops to schools, afterschool programs, community groups and non-profit organizations.


  • Implementing Helpful Tools to promote smart choices for students in financing their education.


  • Sharing Tips to help reduce out-of-pocket costs for paying for college.


  • Encouraging Early Planning and enforcing priority deadlines to receive maximum FREE money options to cover tuition costs.


  • Outreach efforts to promote resources, such as SponsorChange.Org to help pay down existing student loan debt through volunteerism.


  • Question & Answer



As an advocate for reducing student loan debt, Keia has traveled throughout the east coast providing FREE workshops on “FInancial Smarts for Students”.  She offers 45-minute presentations and one-day sessions on financial aid eligibility, spreading your financial aid through the semester, student loan borrowing the smart way, and repaying student loan debt through volunteerism.


Having worked in the higher education field in financial aid and scholarships offices for the past 11 years, she has witnessed many college students overwhelmed with the high cost to pursue a degree; and the amount of student loan debt they will incur in just four (4) years.  Keia relates to their dilemma having had to rely on student loans while pursuing my bachelor and current master’s degree.


If your school, college, university or group is interested in scheduling a workshop or having Keia attend your next event, email at


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